Assignment One – Tutor Feedback and Response

New course, new tutor, same anticipation.

I submitted what I thought was a good set of images, backed up by a thorough workflow and some thoughtful reflection and I was, as always, keen to hear the opinion of someone who knows what he is talking about.

His feedback is here:


Overall, I was pleased with what he said. The opening paragraph is very rewarding: “You have submitted a very good assignment, meticulously recorded workflow, a set of very good quality prints well-presented and a thoughtful and insightful reflection, well done.”

I have done some work to improve my printing, but I am still working with an uncalibrated monitor, using generic Canon ICC profiles on a fairly cheap and far from state-of-art printer so to receive a comment like “very good quality prints” is very satisfying.

This is the first time I have used any sort of cataloguing software and never used keywords (except for the few images I have put on stock agency sites) so his comments about adding metadata and keywords are relevant and timely. I will need to consider how I am going to incorporate this into my workflow.

There are also useful comments about sharpening. I have read in the past how repeated and excessive sharpening can have a damaging effect on an image; a magazine that I have worked for has asked that I do not sharpen images at all as they do it as preparation for printing. Jpegs apply sharpening in camera so to shoot raw will give me greater control over the process. I have looked at sharpening on dpbestflow as suggested. There was some good information which will be subject to later study. This dip into it led me off onto a tangent towards parametric image editing (must try to keep focus better) but that seemed to fit in well with his recommendation of Peter Krogh’s book an Digital Asset Management so maybe not a bad thing.

Regarding the image set, I can relate to most of his comments on the images. There are a lot of comments about depth of field, precision of framing etc. This was a weakness of mine all through the Art of Photography and I have worked hard on this. This submission is much better in this respect but the comments show that I still have some way to go.
Similarly with the coherence of the set; I thought I had submitted a well connected set of images and this was acknowledged “…In terms of submitting a coherent set of images you achieve this in terms of presentation but on content this is let down somewhat.” The connection was the images were all about people living and working in London and I think this is what he refers to as the “presentation” but stylistically they are disparate.

There’s a lot to absorb in this feedback so I need to distil some key points from it:

1. One thing I need to take on board to improve my technical ability I have already mentioned, more accurate framing and better control over depth of field.
2. Workflow needs to take account of adding metadata and keywords.
3. Work on my raw image processing, including sharpening
4. Research the background to the next assignment including photographers.

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