Project: Optimising Tone and Colour, Managing Colour

The previous exercise concentrated on optimising the ton e of the photograph. The three photographs I chose were all improved by the process. The same photographs were used for this exercise to improve them still further.

The first one of the distant buildings ended up like this:


I felt the colour looked okay although the image was a bit bland. Using the eye dropper in Digital Photo Professional on the white gable above the upper floor windows gave a better result:


This is a much warmer picture with more vibrant colours. The red door has been brought out.

The second picture was of the two people by the flag pole:


The colours in this picture looked good to me so it would be interesting if they could be improved. In-camera the white balance was set to auto, in the RAW processor, I changed it to Daylight with this result:


Another attempt was made with the eye-dropper tool on the flag:


The difference here is much more subtle, this should not be surprising as the original had no obvious defect.

Finally, there was the hand ferry:


This was similar to the first example, the colour could best be described as bland. The first adjustment was to change the as-shot Auto setting to cloudy:


It has to be said that all these pictures are improved, the second one less so because, as noted there was no obvious defect. Even so, the corrected versions are both improved over the original. The fact that all these were corrected with very simple adjustments made it all the more valuable.

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