Project: Black and White, Colours into Tones 2

The previous exercise explored in general terms the issues involved in converting to black and white and the creative potential of some of the tonal variations of the colour channels.

This exercise takes this a step further with some specific, targeted adjustments.

Aerial Perspective

This was the starting image, an Alpine perspective taken on a fairly clear day:


Desaturated, it looks like this:


In the black and white conversion, I lightened the blue considerably to increase the effect of the atmospheric haze. Lightening green also seemed to accentuate haze but only a small adjustment was given. I then reduced red to bring the tonality back down as the image was now far too bright.


There are some points to note. The sign that reads “1a” is a light grey in the desat image, it goes black due to the darkening of the red channel, there seems to be more contrast in the fence and the sky overall is lighter.


The starting image is this:


and the desat one:


To lighten the skin tone, I lightened the red channel, darkened green slightly and the blue to maintain overall tonality.


The result is quite pleasing. As well as lightening the skin, there is an overall softening of the contrast which suits the subject quite well.


The starting image is this one:


and the desat one is:


Obviously, the green channel was lightened to make the foliage lighter and this required a reduction in blue and red.


My aim was to make the tone of the building similar to the desat image. Again there is a marked difference in the tone of the red shirt to the chap on the staircase.

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