Assignment Two – Tutor Feedback and Response

It came just a few day after I received an e-mail acknowledging receipt. Timely feedback from the tutor is always appreciated and carries more value due to the freshness of the assignment.

Here it is:


I also appreciated the thoroughness of the feedback with clear and constructive comments on each of the photos presented. The most valuable comments, however, came in the introductory paragraph:

“…but possibly the images have missed the opportunity at shooting all at the eye level of your statues. This would make us much more of a voyeur, especially if you had shot through and past foreground objects to make the images more intriguing and ambiguous…”


“Some images have a lot of ‘dead’ space which is not working as negative space as it does not enhance the composition.”

I will reshoot some of these images to address these comments and some of the specific comments made to the individual pictures.

He has also included some useful pointers to the next assignment.

His comment: “Think about calibrating your monitor as it should help with your dark prints.” was a bit baffling as the images were not processed other than to print them. I admit the prints were dark but this is how they came out of the camera so I would have thought the issue was with printer profiling. I’ll check the dpbestflow website as he suggests and do some further research.

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