Assignment Five – Tutor Feedback and Response

I put more effort into assignment 5, did more research than for any previous assignment and I was generally pleased with the results. There were images I thought were stronger and one I felt I should not have included. I was interested to see of my tutor felt the same way. His feedback is here:


Main comments to take note of are level of sky detail and sharpening for print and I’ll consider these later but first I’ll look at his detail comments on the images.

View from the West/View from White Rock Interestingly, I felt the second of these was the better. I understand where his comment about the grey band is from though. In fact it was not introduced as a separate design element, it is in fact the sky that he suggests I should have included. This demonstrates how insufficient sky texture has led to misunderstanding of the picture. I plan to rework this to bring out more sky texture and make the insets slightly smaller so as to show more sky.

Apron Buildings This was one of the images I thought strong and emotional. I did try to reduce the size of the inset so that it did not intrude into the main picture but this lessened the impact of it, that’s why I tucked it behind the dome.

The Boat Dock I agree that this was the least successful and one I considered reshooting. However, I like the sneaky peek between the buildings and I like the contrast between the pier and the building to the right. I agree it is cluttered and will experiment with different layouts, possibly including just one inset.

The Pier Ballroom This was my favourite of the set and was pleased he liked it.

Throwing Stones Whereas I understand his comment around including more of the pier, this was composed around the chap throwing stones with the pier as an incidental backdrop. It was framed to give him space to throw into. Perhaps if I had pulled back I could have achieved both.

Passer-By Considering this was seen and snapped in an instant, I was pleased with his comments. I think there are issues with sharpness, quite apart from the slight blur from his movement, and I nearly did not include it.

Chatting Another one I was pleased with. This was framed to place them in relation to the pier so the placing of the seat in relation to the railings was incidental. But it’s good to get comments like this and the one on “Throwing Stones”, they are pointers to elements of composition that I would not otherwise consider,

Anglers I realise there were other pictures that showed the pier substructure better but in this section I wanted to include people interacting with the pier, or rather not interacting with it.

The Pier Today This was the one that a few days after I sent the assignment off, it was added as an afterthought and I wished I had not included it. As said above, this section was about people not interacting with the pier and this one did not fit. I fully expected him to pick up on this but he did not. With this in mind it’s difficult to comment on his observations. It’s interesting that he thought the vignetting was a paradox of a cheesy seaside fish and chip shop menu. I wish I could say that was meant, but it was not! He made some good tips about using grids in Photoshop, I did not even know the feature was there. Even though this particular picture will be removed, I will do as he suggests and experiment with using the grid.

Showing Interest/New Pier The main comments here relate to sky detail.

Most of the pictures carried a comment about bringing out more texture in the sky. In fact, it was a very dull, grey day with a particularly featureless sky. Following the feedback, I did try to bring out more texture. One some images, this had some success but even working on a RAW image the amount of processing required was excessive. I did think of photographing a suitable sky and blending it in, we’ll see how that works out.

He also made a lot of useful comments about sharpening for print, giving much more detailed instructions than the course notes. I will have to work through them and reprint the assignment following them.

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