Project: Editing

This project required using a set of recently shot images, numbering at least 50 and following a rigorous process to whittle them down to just 2. I had recently visited Rome and had collected an extensive portfolio. It is a city with an extensive collection of statues and fountains, so I chose the fountains as a suitable subject for the exercise. (more…)


Project: A Sequence of Actions, Histogram

What is a histogram? At its simplest, it is the graphical representation of the distribution of tones across an image. Cambridge in Colour ( considers it one of most important tools in digital photography; “A histogram can tell you whether or not your image has been properly exposed, whether the lighting is harsh or flat, and what adjustments will work best.” It’s so useful it’s important to understand. (more…)

Project: A Sequence of Actions, Your Own Workflow 2

Whereas the previous exercise was for a defined assignment, this was more open-ended. The location and subject were not defined, the number of shots were not limited and unpredictable and the time available would remain flexible. There could be a possibiity of revisiting the assignment at a later date. (more…)

Project: A Sequence of Actions, Your Own Workflow 1

The object of this exercise was to develop my own workflow for a portrait session where the time (and presumably the dmodel’s patience) are limited. The brief requires a final one or two images and suggests that the outcome of the shoot should be around 20 images that have been refined for composition during the shoot. (more…)